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Regenerative Health & Wellness



Regenerative Health & Wellness LLC

At Regenerative Health & Wellness LLC, we are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health and vitality through our services. We believe that nature provides everything we need to be healthy and happy, and we are committed to sharing that message with our community.


Our Services

Regenerative Health & Wellness offers medical services to help our patients regain their health and live their best quality of life. We use functional medicine to find the root cause of disease so patients can have lasting results. We contract directly with patients, rather than insurance so that we are able to lower costs of care and pass those savings on to you. This allows us to slow down, take more time to listen, remove distractions and focus on each of your medical needs.


What to Expect

When visiting any place for the first time, it is nice to know what to expect. We strive to make your appointments easy and enjoyable while offering a welcoming and comfortable environment for us to address your needs.

Your first appointment will be a consultation with a provider. After you have booked your appointment, we encourage you to fill out the necessary paperwork online prior to your first visit. This will save 15 to 20 minutes of your wait time in the office. If this is not an option, we understand. Please plan accordingly to save time for this prior to meeting with your provider.


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